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Trinity Centre
Trinity Centre II - 115 Broadway Amenities Main Lobby Finish: Marble floors with white marble walls and bronze accents, vaulted plaster polychromatic ceilings Finished Ceiling Heights: Typcial ranging from 9 interior to 10 at perimeter Common Area Finishes: Textured wall coverings and Mahogany paneling with cove lighted ceilings and recessed lighting. Windows: The current windows will be replaced with thermal pane energy efficient set in thermally broken historically correct aluminum frames. Telecommunications: Broadband data infrastructure with multiple service providers. Security: 24 hour/7 day security in both buildings, with security cameras in all elevators, entrances and building stairwells. The system will be upgraded to an all digital flat screen components featuring proximity card access readers at building entrances and elevators for off-peak hour operation. home the buildings location map specifications 111 specifications 115 amenities 111 picture gallery availabilities availabilities 115 contact